Prevent Algae

FROG BAM is your Algae Knock-Out Champ. Now you can sit back, and relax with the piece of mind that FROG BAM is hard at work in your pool. The innovative product is specially formulated to prevent algae up to 90 days.

FROG BAM works great for ANY POOL SYSTEM. Simply pour into the pool as you walk around the perimeter

For POOL FROG users, FROG BAM has a unique dispensing method for even distribution throughout the pool. When used with the complete POOL FROG system, King Technology offers a No Algae Guarantee! Just follow the 90/90 Rule:

  • Remove your chlorine Bac Pac.
  • Insert FROG BAM inside the Mineral Reservoir. Push down to puncture the seal.
  • Replace cap, set dial to maximum and turn on your pump. Allow FROG BAM to circulate into your pool water for 90 minutes.
  • Turn off your pump.
  • Remove and discard FROG BAM cartridge.
  • Replace chlorine Bac Pac back inside the Mineral Reservoir.
  • Repeat every 90 days.
You'll still have algae protection for 90 days but the Algae Protection Guarantee is only applicable for POOL FROG users

Algae Protection Guarantee: Terms and Conditions

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